In our innovative showroom - the FutureSpace you can see our latest infocommunication solutions via interactive presentations.

Smart City

Take a virtual walk in the cities of future where modern, digital solutions make our lives easier.
The Téka knowledge base contains everything that supports modern economy.


Familiarize with the T-Systems CTRL Security Operations Center that monitors, records and analyzes attacks against the customers’ systems on 7/24 duty.

Telekom Networks

By way of building local base stations the cloud-based services can be easily implemented and used even in an industrial environment.
Telekom’s network offers solutions for annoying power outages and a simulation tool will show how the process works

Financial institutions

Through the implementation of immediate payment T-Systems presents a solution that ensures much swifter reaction time than before and coordinates financial institutions’ fraud detection processes.

Smart Retail and Media

Cutting-edge tools are available to prepare targeted and effective offers, sales planning and communication both with geographical positioning functions and behavior-based analyses.


We present the structure and operation of the Hospital Information System Communication Solution.
You may check your blood pressure with our smart blood pressure monitor.


The Billzone.eu online billing program is part of the paperless office initiative and offers an effective solution to manage and store electronic invoices. At our stand you may see how the Service Now business assistant service works: This time Vanda makes corporate internal processes quicker and automatic.


Even the smallest enterprise may save time with the use of a chatbot, e.g. to make an appointment - try it out at our stand!
The T-Systems Magenta 1 Business package - that you can familiarize with at the event - includes all our business offers.


Come to know our industrial smart watch application that gives a vibration signal upon detecting emergency situations in a production environment.
During the Kitchen Budapest presentation you may assemble a complex vehicle engine without any prior expertise - with the help of virtually displayed instructions.