New terminal, airport as a smart city and the smart road leading to the airport

12:15 — 12:35
Lehár I-II-III


Ferenc Kis

Environmental Manager, Budapest Airport

The objective of Budapest Airport (BUD) is to make the Liszt Ferenc International Airport the most successful airport of Central-Eastern Europe, by ensuring that its operation is sustainable, efficient and ethical in a business and environmental sense, which, in parallel, are also the basic principles for implementing our developments. As a result of our efforts, during the past 5 years, the increase in the number of passengers always exceeded 10% annually (2017: 14,5%). Properly servicing this increased traffic represents new challenges for the existing infrastructure and the people working to operate it. Since 2015 we have launched several developments within and outside the area of the airport, and are planning further development projects. Among the developments of 2018, a key one is the construction of a new parking garage adjacent to Terminal 2, directly connected to the terminal building. When planning the parking facility, we tried to live up to the requirements of already known technologies and also new ones emerging in the near future, to improve our parking and travel services. In our concept, the parking garage, with a capacity 2500 places,  will provide a multitude of air travel related services, of which setting up electric car charging stations or a smart parking reservation system are fundamental these days, while being merely a step in the direction of future developments.