The Next Mobile Economy

18:10 — 18:25
Plenary Hall


Phil Lander

Director, B2B Mobile and IT, Samsung Europe

By the 2020s, the Next Mobile Economy will be characterized by a persistent reliance on mobile devices and open systems, supported by greater advances in connectivity, bandwidth, Cloud services and big data analysis.
The Next Mobile Economy will also herald new dimensions in mobile for business, from AR and VR to voice-led interfaces, and IoT connectivity that makes use of AI and data – all supported by 5G connectivity. It will redefine enterprise logistics, internal processes, and workforce collaboration as well as product and service offers and customer service.
Ultimately, those businesses willing to integrate smart, open and innovative mobile systems into their operations will be at the forefront of change for humans& businesses alike and will drive growth in the Next Mobile Economy.
For business leaders, the Next Mobile Economy brings two choices: disrupt or be disrupted.