It is our joint task to implement the digital world

11:05 — 11:20
Plenary Hall


Tibor Rékasi

CEO, Magyar Telekom

Brands of real significance have impact on society, thus Magyar Telekom have put the progress of the Hungarian society, the community and the individuals to the forefront and set it as its main goal to use technology well and for good purpose to ensure our own and our community’s progress.
Magyar Telekom’s mission is to make available all the tools of the digital world for us to be able to achieve and change anything, and make every Hungarian the winner of their own life. Magyar Telekom, besides putting great emphasis on the development of mobile internet and fixed gigabit networks of high-output data transmission that currently define the world’s telco trends, is also a fore-runner of narrow-band solutions (Narrow Brand IoT, NB-IoT) carrying minimal data volume and supporting M2M communication.