Who has the “power from data”? - IT security roundtable

17:10 — 17:50
Plenary Hall


Arthur Keleti

IT Securtity Strategist, T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.

Csaba Pléh

János Kertész

Péter Fehér

The roundtable discussion was a novelty at last year’s plenary meeting. In 2017 the topic was the social-economic impact of artificial intelligence.
This year the topic is data. Who has the “power from data”? - A market player, a government or end-users? Do Hungarian companies know who their customers are and do customers know which companies have what customer data? The primary focus of each enterprise and each customer should be data. Have we lived up to this expectation? 
Security must not be neglected: do we need a turnaround (and if yes, how) in our security awareness in respect of written and unwritten rules?
Arthur Keleti, T-Systems’ IT Security strategist will moderate the discussion of three experts who reflect on news from the market and the world of technology and attempt to draw an outline on the future from various aspects.
During the session the audience may also contribute to the discussion. At the beginning of the roundtable we ask a question from the audience who may answer by voting through the event's mobile application. As the discussion unfolds the participants may change their original opinion/vote in the application, even multiple times. The actual status of the voting will be continuously displayed and updated in real time thus the participants may follow how and in what ways the  the opinion of an expert changes the “public opinion”.